Few people will be surprised that Justin Trudeau was going to push a pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia agenda considering he banned pro-lifers from running as Liberal candidates. What might have been surprising is how quickly the new government began to push the Culture of Death. Within two weeks of being sworn in, the new Health and Justice ministers announced that the expert committee advising the government on assisted-suicide would no longer propose legislation. Anti-euthanasia leaders see as a way for the Liberals to avoid the politically problematic position of proposing a broad assisted-suicide law, after the committee would presumably suggest a narrow one that sought to protect the vulnerable. The very next day, the Health Minister replied to the CBC’s question about abortion access by announcing the government would eliminate the “patches” in Canada were abortion is not easily available, namely Prince Edward Island and remote rural areas.

Justin Trudeau campaigned with an ambitious agenda, focusing on economic and environmental issues, vowing to fix Ottawa’s relationship with the provinces and First Nations, and resetting Canadian foreign policy while resettling 25,000 refugees from Syria in less than 60 days. We would have assumed he would be too busy with these items to turn his attention immediately to enlarging Canada’s embrace of killing as a solution to inconvenient lives. Darkness has descended on the sunny ways the young Trudeau claims to have returned to Ottawa.