The paramount factor in qualifying a candidate for election to Parliament is his or her stand on abortion. Candidates disqualify themselves by advocating a right to kill unborn babies. You, the voter, have a responsibility to vote to protect the defenceless.

The candidate’s position on peace and environmental issues is important. The economy, inflation and unemployment are all issues at this time. However, these problems will be conquered.

Last year, more Canadian unborn babies were killed than service men and women in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. The very fibre of our society is being eroded; our consciences are being anesthetized by our tolerance of the annual abortion slaughter.

Edmund Burke said, “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.”

Backroom political hacks instruct their candidates to tell the electorate that abortion is not an issue in this election. On September 4, you will show them that it is.

Where there is no qualified candidate – one committed to life – in the party of your choice, cross party line, or mark your ballot “No pro-life PC (Lib., NDP),” or refuse your ballot and tell them why or, don’t vote. In Kingston and the Islands, Daniel Eardley is running as an independent for the Pro-Life Association. We encourage you to support Dan and all other pro-life independents.

The NDP has as its plank actual abortion on demand (and Morgentaler-style clinics). This party is not worthy of the support of anyone who has the slightest concern for the innocent and defenceless unborn. See the list of pro-life candidates for those few NDP candidates who have rejected their party’s stand on abortion.

Society has a crucial responsibility to protect its citizens. Society is not an amorphous mass – you are society.

On September 4, VOTE FOR LIFE.