1989 is set to become a year of unprecedented challenge for pro-lifers. A crystal ball is not needed to predict that once again all of us will be called upon to take an active part in this battle for fundamental justice for the preborn child.

As we approach the first anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the Morgentaler’s case, the newly-elected federal MPs need to be told consistently and clearly by their pro-life constituents that it will be completely unacceptable to stall on making legislation to protect the children.

The federal government needs to be reminded that any moves to approve the abortion pill RU-486, for sale in Canada will be vigourously resisted by the pro-life movement. The proper response from the government to help pregnant women in difficulty is to provide the resources needed to help them have their babies, not to provide them with a pill to kill the children and perhaps maim themselves.

The pro-life movement also faces a continued fight against socially-approved euthanasia for the elderly and the comatose and the quiet, illegal practice of starving disabled babies to death. We must continue to insist that compassion requires us to look after those who cannot look after themselves. It does not require us to permit killing.

Although prospects may look grim, and the challenges vast, each one of us must pledge ourselves to the pro-life cause with renewed enthusiasm and determination. It is not enough to expect our neighbour to struggle alone while we sit back. It frequently takes courage to act decisively for life, but the alternative is to turn away from, life. One day each one of us will be asked, “Where were you when they were killing babies?” Surely, the choice is clear.