The B.C. worker’s paradise was treated recently to a visit by Monica J. Casper, associate professor of sociology at the University of California, in Santa Cruz. Casper is known for her book, The Making of the Unborn Patient, and also has been publicly criticized for being less than honest about her pro-abortion views when conducting her research

She presented an overview of her thoughts and findings at a meeting sponsored by B.C. Women’s Hospital, the institution that regularly sees babies survive their abortion, only to die later. For the record, each and every one of these “products of conception” has become a legal person in the strict sense of the term, but has been targeted for destruction based on quasi-eugenic science.

Anyway, I digress. Casper’s presentation was a fascinating glimpse into the pro-abortion psyche trying to grapple and deal with their perceived annoying trend of performing surgery on the unborn patient – and the public relations disaster it is to Abortion, Inc.

What took place was an honest and forthright discussion that even featured the president of B.C. Women’s Hospital, Dr. Penny Ballem, offer her own musings. Ballem spoke off the cuff about the history of B.C. Women’s Hospital, how it used to be a religious maternity hospital (Grace Hospital) that performed “prenatal diagnosis” but did not mention abortion to their patients. (Of course the stench of hypocrisy on the part of the Salvation Army was a legitimate problem – but those are my thoughts.)

Ballem boasted in the open meeting that she found prenatal testing (genetic screening) to be a “most useful tool to advance our abortion agenda” and to “bring along the nurses and doctors who were against abortion.”

Excuse me? Bring along the nurses and doctors against abortion? So much for freedom of choice!

For the sake of those readers who may have forgotten, B.C. Women’s Hospital performs eugenic abortion also known as genetic cleansing abortion, on a regular basis. One of my past columns dealt with the medical community in Canada embracing, and I do mean embracing, the cause of eugenics. Children born with Down syndrome are cause enough to have the eugenicists work themselves into a tizzy protecting us all from those who are not as “perfect” as they are.

I know of cases where patients at some of B.C.’s health institutions are in effect coerced into genetic testing, then pressured to destroy the unborn patient. Indeed, one of the doctors attending Abortion, Inc.’s exercise in damage control stated that in British Columbia, “There is no good informed consent. There is none. You know, we just say, ‘Now I have to book your testing.'”

If ever the B.C. Medical Association and the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons needed to conduct an investigation, it is over these pronouncements. But don’t hold your breath. Remember it was Ballem who once stated: “The media is not the place to discuss this issue. It would create serious risk and I’m not prepared to do that.” She was, of course, talking about the eugenic abortion practices of her hospital – eugenics that, if her quotes are correct, she herself seems to have embraced with a vengeance.

B.C. Women’s Hospital feels that the public has no right to know how many of these eugenic abortions take place on a regular basis – the subject of another freedom of information request. Perhaps the answer might reveal the “abortion agenda” of which she speaks?

Interestingly, an award-winning story in the April 19, 1999 edition of the B.C. Catholic stated: “An employee of B.C. Women’s Hospital involved in abortion services (who refused to give a name for fear of risking firing) says, “These terminated babies had problems, defects … doctors said they were going to die anyway. Sure, I think it should have happened on its own, and maybe the Down’s (syndrome) babies would have lived decent lives … but some people don’t want babies that aren’t perfect and ‘normal.'”

Back to the topic of the meeting, that is, surgery on the unborn patient, Dr. Ballem was also full of helpful wisdom. She stated in the meeting that she was “relieved” that prenatal surgery was not of any help for most of the problems they faced. And why is that? Would it create a public relations problem for the hospital that is trying to create a haven for human thoroughbreds?

I have some additional questions – questions you need to ponder as you hold your own health care institution accountable. Just what does Dr. Ballem mean when she talks about “our abortion agenda”? What agenda would that be? Purging the land of useless eaters? Eliminating the scourge of Down syndrome by search-and-destroy genetic testing?

You know, if you listen very carefully, you can almost hear the sound of jackboots marching down the hall.