On November 27, 1990, at Queen’s Park, Toronto, the NDP Government officially made public the best-known secret in Ontario – that is was going to make abortion easier and more accessible across the province.

Speaking in the House, Provincial Health Minister Evelyn Gigantes condemned Bill C-43 because of its stated intention to criminalize abortion, which her government considered a health matter.

Continuing to expound the well-worn pro-abortion rhetoric, Mrs. Gigantes voiced her Government’s concern regarding the violation of women’s bodies, while remaining predictably silent on the violation of the bodies of preborn children.

“Our first priority,” she said, “will be to speed up the licensing of free-standing abortion ‘clinics’ under the Independent Health Facilities Act.”

Unveiling plans to increase funding for abortion, she said that while the Ministry of Health covered a fixed amount for abortion, women can pay from $200 to $1,000 in additional fees.

Once abortuaries are licensed, they will be funded entirely by the Government, leaving women with no fees to pay.

Offering further government incentives to women in order to kill their babies, a change in the Northern Health Travel Grants programme was announced.

Under these grants, women living in Northern communities will have their travel expenses paid.  While this is hailed as a breakthrough by the proponents of abortion, native leaders in other provinces, aware of the heavy native population in Northern Ontario, are viewing it with understandable concern.

Not to be accused of being half-hearted, Mrs. Gigantes announced plans to consult women’s groups, provider groups and community groups to find ways of implementing access.

Another priority will be to actively recruit and train physicians to perform abortions.

While she did not elaborate, the Minister went on to deliver a veiled threat to those involved in rescuing and counseling outside abortuaries.

“I speak on behalf of this Government when I say that, while we respect the fundamental freedoms of the people of Ontario, illegal conduct which infringes or interferes with the decision to undergo an abortion is contrary to public policy,” Mrs. Gigantes stated.

Continuing, she assured the House and the voting public that the measures announced were only the first step towards achieving the NDP’s goal.

While details of the Government’s plans were somewhat obscure, the spirit of its intent was abundantly clear, while being in conflict Campaign Life Coalition does not, in spite of a report on The National, on Tuesday, November 27, support Bill C-43.

Following the announcement by Ontario Health Minister Evelyn Gigantes, that the NDP Government would make abortion more accessible, CLC National Vice President Margaret Purcell was asked by several reporters for a comment.

In her response Mrs. Purcell condemned the government’s intention to spend millions helping women to kill their babies and raised the issue of funding for mothers who allowed their babies to be carried to term.

She went on to say that while CLC would like to see Bill C-43 dead and buried, it also called for legislation which would protect all human life, with no exceptions, from contraception to a natural death.

Addressing provincial legislation, Mrs. Purcell said that not only should funding for killing centers should be closed, stating, “If the legislation we want is forth coming, there will be no killing centres because there will be no abortions.”

This did not stop the CBC from flashing her face on the screen while a commentator said that CLC liked Bill C-43.

CLC has consistently condemned Bill C-43, which will not prevent one single abortion.  Its position remains unchanged.  It will never accept a law which allows the killing of even one human being.