Every fall doctors in Northwestern Ontario attend a three-day Doctor’s Summer School in Thunder Bay, to keep up to date on the latest trends and changes in the medical field. The doctors attend a series of lectures given by specialists who are brought into town for that purpose. Numerous pharmaceutical exhibitors are also present.

The Right to Life Association of Thunder Bay and Area has seen the Summer School as a practical way of bringing the pro-life message to doctors. For the past ten years, Right to Life has rented exhibit space at the Doctor’s Summer School. According to Jeanne Wilmot, administrative vice-president of Right to Life, the effort has proven to be an effective way of educating and sensitizing area doctors. Right to Life’s presence has also been invaluable in identifying and helping to establish a network of pro-life doctors throughout the reagion.

Jeanne offers this as a good idea for other pro-life groups who might also have a doctor’s summer school or convention in their regions. Apparently many doctors feel the same way. Dr. Hugh Scully, the President of the Ontario Medical Association, attended the Thunder Bay sessions. He introduced himself to Jeanne and congratulated Right to Life and further said that he would like to see more of this.