Abortion clinics will not be allowed in New Brunswick and doctors who perform abortions other than in qualified hospitals will be subject to disciplinary action – if legislation is successfully completed.

The bill was passed on to the third reading by the legislature.

The bill followed a statement by Premier Richard Hatfield on April 25, saying that free-standing clinics would not be allowed in New Brunswick after the province received a letter from Dr. Morgentaler requesting to extend his clinics to New Brunswick.

Health Minister Charles Gallagher said that disciplinary action would be imposed on offenders by the College of Surgeons.

The Medical Society of New Brunswick requested that legislation be enacted, the Minister said.

Poll-taking no basis

More than 150 people attended the annual banquet of the Saint John Right to Life Association in June.  Guest speaker, Catholic Bishop Edward Troy opened his speech by cautioning his listeners not to denounce “the moral turpitude of those who do not share our convictions.”

“As Christians,” he continued, “we cannot make progress in the promotion of life unless we respect this classical distinction between sin and the sinner.”

One problems with the abortion debate is that it is being conducted in the media, the Bishop observed.  The media, he said, oversimplifies the issue and has no interest in careful definitions or statements of principle.

“The pro-abortion bias of a large proportion of writers and TV personalities, editors and news directors is so overwhelming that the case for life is not presented in a manner that measures up even to the deficient standards of the media,” he said.

The Bishop pointed to the “…growing tendency to formulate moral principles and value judgments on the basis of poll-taking.  The views of the many can be determined by a scientifically conducted survey.  Such polls have their uses.  As a way of establishing policy, polling and referenda have a serious shortcomings.   Minorities are in an insuperable disadvantage and the voiceless have ‘no say.’

“in the fashioning of moral principles and value judgments, governments are simply unreliable.  The Nazis demonstrated their lofty notion of justice at Auschwitz – the Argentinian Military Government combated  its adversaries with torture and arbitrary execution – the Soviets have their slave labour camps in Siberia.  It is our Canadian

Government that has put legislation in place which permits the destruction of human life in the womb,” he said.

Bishop Troy told the pro-lifers, “You recognize that there are serious problems relating to the quality of life among large sectors of our society.  You are conscious of the painful reality of unexpected pregnancies.  You understand the terrible pressures on pregnant teens and single women.  You know the dilemmas facing impoverished families with a new child on the way.  The spirit of right-to-life calls for a right to a decent human lift.  It rejects, from the outset, a solution which would require the unjust and unprovoked destruction of the living.”

“Abortion-on-demand is not a solution to the problem of an imperfect quality of life.  We cannot adopt the moral equivalent of rubbish as the answer.  We should not be intimidated by the ludicrous accusation that if we do not approve of a slaughter of the innocents, we are somehow to blame for poverty and unemployment at home and famine and misery abroad.  Pro-abortionists are heard making this charge:”

“My religious faith makes me an optimist in the whole issue of Right-To-Life.  We must work very conscientiously to promote public respect for human life and exercise constant vigilance in the struggle to oppose the further erosion of the right to life.  You are supporting a winning side.  Although the Will of God may be opposed by His creatures who abuse His gift of freedom, the Divine purpose can never be defeated.  Be joyful in you love of life and be confident that the exaltation of life will finally triumph over the inevitability of death.”  Bishop Troy concluded.