This year’s U.S National Right To Life Convention, held in Washington, D.C, saw Dr. Bernard Nathanson honour a young married couple from Toronto for composing what he called “by far the best pro-life song I’ve heard in my years as a pro-life advocate.” The song in question, entitled “Where the Miracle Takes Place” was performed live at the Convention to surprise and delight the pro-life leaders from across the United States.


Written and performed by Barry and Annette McLoughlin, “Where The Miracle Takes Place,” is characterized as a direct and moving response to Dr. Nathanson’s film- The Silent Scream. When presented with the symbolic “first copy”of the song in record form with flipside song “The Touch of a Child” , Dr. Nathanson responded by saying that for the first time he found himself “in the position of requesting someone else’s autograph.”


The theme of the song was conceived some six months after the McLoughlins had read a Newsweek article describing the Nathanson film. At that time they decided to put their feelings to music. The result is a tremendously moving song which speaks to the core of the issue of the film- that before an abortion we have a healthy, intact, living human being and that after abortion we have an innocent chilled pulled apart, dismembered, crushed and destroyed. The lyrics speak for themselves:


Within her tranquil sea

Of peace and dreams,


Suddenly the vision’s gone

There’s something wrong

What’s going on?

She withdraws from the knife

Pleading for her life

Trapped within the corner

Of the room that’s meant to warm her.


“The overwhelming response to the song has come from the youth,” said Barry McLoughlin. “We’re optimistic that the song will educate young people about the tremendous injustice of abortion.” Copies of the record are now being distributed to pro-life groups throughout Canada and the United States. The song is being made available through Campaign Life of Toronto (phone no. 416-368-0479) at a cost of $3.00 per individual copy. A special bulk rate will apply to pro-life groups.