Calgarian sheds light on the arts

A Calgary-based musician, painter and broadcaster is working to shed the light of life and faith in the realm of the arts. Scott Kelly recently released his debut music CD 70 X 7, is working on another album of original music, has paintings in Calgary’s Collector’s Gallery and Cochrane, Alta.’s Westlands Art Gallery and hosts a weekly Catholic radio program on Calgary [...]

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Musician produces a pro-life video

A music video produced by a Saskatchewan-based musician, speaker and author is promising to offer a new way to get the pro-life message out while giving pro-life organizations a unique fundraising opportunity. Lorraine Hartsook has produced Bring That Child to Me, a video filmed earlier this year in Tennessee, but based on a song she wrote about a decade ago and has [...]

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Band’s comeback CD features pro-life themes

Critical Mass, a Kitchener, Ont.-based Catholic rock band, has released a third CD with a definite jump into the rock/alternative genre. There is no doubt that from the beginning, Critical Mass has supported the pro-life cause. They were one of the first Catholic rock bands to be a part of Rock For Life ( and are also an integral part of [...]

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New CD aims at post-abortion healing

A Christian musician's recent CD aimed at ministering to those dealing with post-abortion effects has been somewhat influenced and inspired by the experiences of someone very close to him. Michael John Poirier has released Healing After the Choice on the World Library Publications label. The recording seeks to establish a musical environment of healing and consolation for an estimated 80 million U.S [...]

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Eagle Psalms sets pro-life ethos to music

A southern Ontario pro-life advocate, who has supported the cause in several ways over the years, is now moving his support into the musical sphere. Peter Green is most well known in the pro-life community as the man who, for a number of years and for no cost, deejayed annual Campaign Life Coalition dinner-dances in Toronto. More recently, the St. Catharines, Ont. [...]

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New Phil Main CD debuts

Love the Dark Away, the latest musical release from Phil Main, was introduced recently at an inspirational concert held at Wingham United Church in Wingham, Ont. Guest vocalist Leslie Pike joined Main, and musical backup was provided by the band Silence. The audience was entertained with selections from Main's new CD, as well as past favourites. Sales of the CD (the profits [...]

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Music Review

Life is Life Randy Dyer R & D Productions, Box 60072, Oakville, Ont. L6M 2S0 Life is Life is a recently released compact disc with an obvious and admirable aim to promote the sanctity of human life. Randy Dyer’s strong pro-life and Christian convictions come through clearly in his lyrics. We need more Christian musicians like him. Life is Life is a [...]

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The music of darkness From Rock to Rock, by Eric Barger, Huntington House, Inc.

This issue goes far beyond musical tastes because today much popular music is radically different from that of previous generations.  The difference that much of today’s music has words and themes which openly emphasize and encourage such things as immoral sexual experiences and the use of drugs.  Some songs, in fact, even have strong Satanic or occult themes.  This cannot be overlooked [...]

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“By far the best pro-life song I’ve heard”– Dr. Bernard Nathanson

      This year’s U.S National Right To Life Convention, held in Washington, D.C, saw Dr. Bernard Nathanson honour a young married couple from Toronto for composing what he called “by far the best pro-life song I’ve heard in my years as a pro-life advocate.” The song in question, entitled “Where the Miracle Takes Place” was performed live at the Convention [...]

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