Alone: A Grandmother’s Struggle for Life,
by Gord Truscott, with foreword by Fr. Ted Colleton.
Softcover, 109 pages, $10. Available from Campaign Life Coalition Canada 104 Bond St. Toronto ON M5B 1X9
tel. (416) 204-9749 fax (416) 204-1027.

Review by Cathrina Keet
The Interim

My dream in life is to make a difference. With love, strength and determination, Linda Gibbons has made her dream a reality. She has saved the lives of over 100 babies and many more lives have been changed because of her witness. Robert Hinchey of the Toronto crisis pregnancy centre Aid to Women has become good friends with Linda and feels that she is “the Protestant equivalent to Mother Teresa!”

As Gord Truscott’s new book reveals, Linda’s life has been a struggle and an inspiration. As a result of a double harelip and cleft palate she had problems speaking and spent her childhood in and out of hospitals. Her mother didn’t even have a chance to see her new baby girl until Linda was 14 days old. At times she was forced to eat her favourite mushroom soup through a straw and fight with the mushroom chunks that would get stuck. The mighty Miramichi River in New Brunswick tried to steal her life but she refused to go with the flow.

After coping with an unhappy and failed marriage, at 22 years of age Linda had an abortion, which would have completely devastated her if she had not had to take care of and love her older daughter Kim. God was knocking on the door to her heart and after her next two children, Kathy and Conrad, came into her life, Linda opened the door.

Jesus led her to watch The Silent Scream by former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson one night at her church and it had a tremendous impact on her. Now, after an incredible journey, Linda seems to have no problem speaking for the victims of abortion as she has spent her adulthood in and out of prison as a result of her efforts.

Throughout the book one may react with laughter and tears, but it’s difficult to grasp the realization that we live in terrible times when a mother who is actively against the destruction of babies is considered a hero. Supporting a pro-life candidate or being involved in Life Chain can sometimes be more than we can handle. Police agents, court officials, prison guards and judges have not stopped Linda. This book gives us an insight into how she has come to this point.

Linda has cried as a result of the immense pain in her life, but she has allowed Jesus’ light to shine through her, and has saved more than 100 women from crying tears of devastation. Their babies smile, walk, run, and play because Linda refused to allow the culture of death in Canada from destroying the little ones. Please, read the book, be inspired, and watch your life change.