Day would overrule court

TORONTO – In a recent interview with a homosexual magazine, Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day said he would invoke the constitution’s “notwithstanding clause” to block any court rulings that would sanction gay marriage. In an interview in Toronto’s fab magazine, Day said he would use the notwithstanding clause after wide debate and a free vote in the House of Commons. He also reiterated his view that homosexuality is a choice, rather than a genetic condition. “I would say it [gay marriage] would need a full public discussion,” Day said. “I think the public is coming to the point where people can have this discussion without hurling flaming spears at one another. The discussion … is something the public is ready for without hurtful accusations.” The same issue of fab magazine says that as Prime Minister, Day could “undo years of equality gains.”

‘Morning-after’ pill on hold

VICTORIA – Easier access to the aborttion-causing “morning-after pill” (called “emergency contraception by supporters) may have hit a snag in British Columbia. Fearing possible lawsuits, the province’s health ministry decided in late July to delay plans to allow women to obtain the pill directly from their local pharmacist. Distribution of the pill was originally scheduled for May 1. The delay stems from concerns that the pill’s distribution plans would in effect give pharmacists the authority to prescribe a controversial new drug. Although the province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and its pharmacy association basically support wider access to the pill, the two bodies are uncertain as to the delegation of prescription authority.