We will be posting our long article on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade from the forthcoming February edition later today. For now you should check out the National Review Online editorial; this point made by NRO‘s editors is basically the conclusion of our long feature:

Now 40 years have passed since Roe, and nobody pretends that our division is ending. Time just ran a cover story declaring that “abortion-rights activists” have “been losing ever since” 1973. Nearly half of Americans think of themselves as pro-life, often a larger percentage than considers itself “pro-choice.” State governments are passing what protections for unborn children they can, given the Court’s hostility. The number of abortions has been dropping, if slowly, for years.

Pro-lifers are not winning: The suggestion is obscene. Nearly 56 million human beings have been killed in the womb since Roe, a toll that rises another million each year. The pro-life movement’s achievement is a witness, not a victory. We have maintained resistance to an injustice rather than vanquished it.

While not all the articles are online quite yet, Public Discourse looks to have a good symposium on Roe and we are especially looking forward to Michael J. New’s “Abortion Promises Unfulfilled,” which will probably be posted tomorrow.