It has taken a while but The Interim has redesigned and updated its website. For me, the most exciting part of the redesigned is that we finally have a blog.

The website will be updated every week with material from the current issue of the newspaper with news stories being rolled out at the beginning of the month, editorials coming in the second week, feature articles in the third week, reviews and columns in the fourth week. Of course, we might amend the schedule depending on the news-worthiness of some pieces – and that is part of the beauty of the web: flexibility.

One of the downsides of producing a monthly newspaper is that you are stuck to time and space limitations. We hope to pre-release some news coverage and analysis in a more timely fashion here at which will be effectively re-published in the paper. We are also going to have web-exclusive features including commentary and reviews. Down the road, we are adding video and audio content.

But the most important component of our timely coverage of events will be our blog, Soconvivium. First, an explanation about the name. Convivium is Latin for banquet or feast which comes from con vivo (to live with). We decided to pun with so-con (social conservatives) and voila, soconvivium.

Right now I’ll be blogging solo until we work out the kinks in the system, but we’ll soon have other contributors — regular Interim writers and perhaps a few guest bloggers. There will be links to the day’s interesting pro-life articles, quips and other short responses to what’s appearing in other publications and blogs and occasionally longer essays. Ideally, there will be a online discussion among the contributors. The model will be National Review Online’s The Corner. Aim high, I say.

Because of the nature of the issues we cover at The Interim, we decided after much debate that it would be wise not to have a comments section. We will work something out so that readers can respond to the editors and the best ones will be posted.

With both the blog and the website, we seek to increase the stock of information, knowledge and wisdom by providing reliable, interesting and timely reporting and commentary on life and family issues. We hope you enjoy the new website and will visit it regularly. Bookmark the blog and come back daily. Pass on links and spread the word.