Earlier today we blogged about Day 10 of the Canadian election campaign and noted that abortion had yet to be mentioned on the campaign trail. Of course, no sooner had we posted that and the Prime Minister was asked about abortion and other social issues. He denied any interest in re-opening the abortion issue if the Conservatives win a majority. Disappointing but predictable.

Because the Liberals, NDP, Green and Bloc are so left-wing on social issues, constantly pushing the envelope on moral issues and remaking Canada into a progressive heaven, Harper can attempt to occupy middle ground and still win the support of most social conservatives. As I’ve said before, pro-lifers are a cheap political date. Harper strategy of taking pro-life social conservatives for granted has worked for him in the past because pro-lifers consider the defensive electoral action of preventing the Liberals, NDP and Bloc from pushing the social engineering envelope (including daycare) sufficient reason for voting Conservative.