Ten days into the campaign and the Liberals/NDP/Bloc have yet to drop the “hidden agenda” bomb. There is plenty of time for the Coalition Left to use social issues in an attempt to make the Conservatives look scary, but it is far from clear it works (see 2004, 2006, 2008). My own theory is that Liberal fear-mongering on abortion/same-sex marriage drove many New Canadians out of their warm embrace and either to the Tories or away from the ballot box altogether.  Of course, pro-lifers wish abortion and other moral issues could be discussed openly and honestly in a non-partisan way and not as  wedge issue. It is a disappointment that too many politicians avoid moral issues altogether. Until they do, we at The Interim continue to focus on daycare and family taxation as the issues that matter to social conservatives that politicians are talking about.

Kids First Canada complains that the Liberal daycare plan discriminates against most families.

The Liberal platform (pdf) was officially released Sunday and it includes a commitment to daycare or what it calls the Early Childhood Learning and Care initiative. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff stressed during the launch that it was not about daycare but getting a fast start on comprehensive early childhood education. You don’t get a lot of either for a billion dollars (within four years, $500 million in first year), but if it is really about early learning, how long will it remain voluntary?

Money Sense on family taxation.