We’ll have comment tomorrow on Rod Bruinooge (C,  Winnipeg South) private member’s bill that would amend the Criminal Code to make it illegal to coerce someone into having an abortion. It’s sounds positive but it would be premature to praise the bill without seeing it. LifeSiteNews.com has a short story on the bill being introduced in the House of Commons today. The bill is named after Roxanne Fernando, who was killed in 2007 after refusing to have an abortion. You can read about that case in The Interim (third paragraph) or these two CBC stories here and here.

Last week, the Planned Parenthood-affiliated Guttmacher Institute released a “report” on men controlling women’s reproductive choices, including abortion. What is funny is that there is nary a word about women being coerced into having abortions. Andrea Mrozek addresses the issue at ProWomanProLife: “Am I to believe there’s coercion all around but the second a woman walks into an abortion clinic it’s her own, personal, private, freestanding choice? Really?”