The Winnipeg Free Press reports on Rod Bruinooge’s (C, Winnipeg South) private member’s bill which would make it a crime to coerce a woman into having an abortion. Joyce Arthur, one of Canada’s noisiest pro-aborts, predictably responds: 

News of the bill was not met with open arms from pro-choice advocates. Joyce Arthur, coordinator of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, called the proposed law “a basic fear tactic” and wonders if the proposed amendment is being considered to get around existing Canadian abortion laws.

“They’re trying to intimidate and scare abortion providers,” she said. “Providers could find themselves facing prosecution for coercing abortion.”

It is sad but predictable that so-called pro-choice advocates cannot support a law that punishes those who coerce women into having abortions.

Here’s the Roxanne’s Law website. Still no text of the law.