The Norway-based Institute for Family Policies has a report entitled, “Evolution on the Family in Europe 2009.” has a story on it.

Faye Sonier, legal counsel with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, warns that doctor-assisted suicide will change the Canadian legal landscape.

Pro-abortion Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus says liberals should not risk losing the chance to reform health care over the issue of abortion funding.

Jeffrey Toobin writes about health care and abortion in the New Yorker.

The Chicago Tribune reports doctors at Northwestern University are using ethical adult stem cells to treat heart patients.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have released a letter on marriage entitled, “Love and Life in the Divine Plan.” The Washington Times has a story on it. And here’s the tiny AP story the New York Times ran with.

Blazing Cat Fur is encouraging people to nominate Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn as Nation Builders of the decade in the Globe and Mail poll. To understand why Levant deserves mention, read the fantastic January cover story of The Interim Kathy Shaidle wrote on Levant when we named him our first Person of the Year.

Dave Andrusko of the National Right to Life Committee writes about the media coverage of Sarah Palin and her new book.