The Boston Globe reports that Doug Lambert, a conservative New Hampshire radio host and blogger, called a homosexual Democrat some derogatory names and Dems and gay activists demand an apology and get it. Here is the groveling apology. Of course, it didn’t save his job. Lambert says:

For those who do not know, I no longer have my position as the Thursday columnist at the Laconia Daily Sun, and, understandably, Meet the New Press radio has been axed by Nassau Broadcasting as well. I believe that these are the proper and appropriate consequences, and I apologize to the good people at the paper and the radio station who have been wonderful to me over the years and were completely undeserving of the grief my actions have caused them.

Additionally, I will no longer write at GraniteGrok for an as yet undetermined amount of time. I plan on spending my time in prayer and reflection, looking inward to the unhealthy malice in my heart, for which I will ultimately have to face my Maker, begging for His undeserved mercy.

Now I’m offended. Will Lambert apologize to me for his cowardliness? I’m not defending his supposed incivility, nor am I condemning it. I just want people to stand by their words and actions or not say/do them in the first place. Some of us believe in civility, some of us don’t. The way I conduct myself when I’m at work or representing The Interim is quite different than how I behave on my own time. Lambert knew what he was doing while on air and now he’s given into politically correct extortion. It is shameful. Furthermore, it sets a precedent — for further extortion and future weak-kneed apologies.

Also read Kathy Shaidle who slaps around the cowardly host/blogger for giving in to political correctness, who says:

You know that apologizing is just a corporate/PR scam, all part of the political correctness you claim to abhor; that you really DO think the gay guy is a jerk; that your enemies just want to humiliate you, and mock the noble notions of forgiveness you at least attempt to take seriously.

As Shaidle suggests, Lambert is some combination of phony, liar, hypocrite, pseudo-conservative and coward.