Rep. Bart Stupak has a guest column in the New York Times: “What My Amendment Won’t Do.”

The Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment to the Senate health care bill was rejected by a vote of 54-45, effectively killing it.

Operation Rescue has released a report, Project Daniel 5:25, that shows that more than two-thirds of all abortion clinics have closed since 1991. reports that a Dutch doctor wants to permit euthanasia for newborns in cases of foreseeable suffering.

Kathy Shaidle calls Andrew Lawton “the next Ezra Levant” and with good reason: he’s tenacious and resourceful. Lawton battled tolerance of pedophilia at the University of Western Ontario.

At Enter Stage Right, Steven Martinovich reviews William A. Donohue’s Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America.

ProWomanProLife has a two-for-one sale on their People for the Ethical Treatment of People t-shirts.