Pro-lifers should remember that this battle, from a pro-life point of view, is about much more than funding abortion. Health care professionals deserve to have their conscience rights protected. Abortion access must not be increased under the guise of preventive care or through federal subsidy. Rationing of care and bureaucratic decisions about quality of life are the more accurate descriptions of what Sarah Palin has called death panels. Any one of those would be reason enough to oppose Obamacare, but we have four of them. Take a look at Heather Smith’s post at the Americans United for Life blog for more on these four pro-life reasons to oppose Obamacare.

Senator Harry Reid went to the floor of the Senate to plead with senators who oppose abortion to consider “another moral issue” — the so-called right to a taxpayer subsidized “healthy life.”  There is a difference between health care coverage and “a healthy life” and the Majority Leader should know that. There is also a difference in the moral issues involved, even though Senator Reid is comparing abortion to the provision of health care coverage as equally pro-life. Pro-lifers (I’m looking at you senators Bob Casey and Ben Nelson) should not be fooled by the foolish Harry Reid.

There are pro-life reasons to oppose Obamacare. There is no equally good pro-life reason to support it.

Oswald Clark is the economics reporter of The Interim and an Ottawa and Boston based economist.