Associated Press reports that a Texas couple was arrested after putting a seven-month aborted fetus in a gift box under a Christmas tree. reports that 700 people took part in the annual March for Life in the Netherlands — the largest such protest in Dutch history.

Carolyn Moynihan at MercatorNet: “A report about families from Britain says forget about marriage; another report from the United States says save it. They can’t both be right.” The British report from the government-financed National Family and Parenting Institute is called “Family Trends: British families since the 1950s.” The U.S. report comes from the National Marriage Project and is entitled, “The State of Our Unions 2009: Money and Marriage.”

National Right to Life Committee takes note of a British hospital that is “mapping the brina of unborn babies using MRI.”

SPUC director John Smeaton has a post on how nominal Catholic Cherie Blair is again undermining Catholic pro-life teachings.

David Prentice notes “Multiple Sclerosis Treatment with Adult Stem Cells” at the FRC Blog.

Carson Holloway writes about “The Origins of Darwinian Political Thought” at Public Discourse.

Video of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin’s interview with The Agenda’s Steve Paikin earlier this month.