Toronto Star columnist Bob Hepburn writes about the Religious Right and how they are a “force” for the Conservatives. It is all meant to scare voters — or at least those who read the Toronto Star.  You see, despite denying any intention to re-open issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, Harper can’t be trusted because he has the gall to employ a few Christians in the PMO. And despite media accounts that socons have been sidelined in this election, they are everywhere.  It is notable that while Hepburn points to organizations and efforts that utilize the internet to get out information about issues and candidates, Hepburn does not point to one example of social conservatives “working at the grassroots level to elect candidates who share their views on hot-button issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, stem-cell research, euthanasia and pornography.” No doubt socons are doing that — as are all sorts of groups. As is their right. It is amusing to watch so many in the media decry voter apathy, but when Christians get involved in the political process, it is cause for concern.

The Campaign Life Coalition home page appears to be the victim of hackers. A statement comes up on the website that says: “This election remember, vote for anything except the Conservatives..” CLC supports pro-life candidates regardless of party and this statement does not represent the policy of Campaign Life Coalition.