The first two stories appeared on the weekend. I apologize for our tardiness. We got the dead tree version of our paper out yesterday so there hasn’t bee time to blog the past few days.

On the weekend, former Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella had a column in the Toronto Sun that said if Stephen Harper wins with a majority, he’ll radically change Canada. The column is pure fantasy. He says that the Harper Conservatives would make abortion illegal, eliminate gun control, bring back capital punishment, and roll back same-sex marriage. His reasoning on abortion is that 80% of the CPC caucus is pro-life (seems high by our estimates) so Harper can’t be trusted not to roll back abortion. Specious reasoning digging up that old “hidden agenda” bogeyman.

The Liberals have dug up James Moore’s university-age column on partial-birth abortion and they and the media are using it to go after Moore, a libertarian-leaning Conservative cabinet who supports abortion and same-sex marriage. It appears that opposing the gruesome killing of a mostly born child is considered reactionary on the part of some. Andrea Mrozek at ProWomanProLife says the Liberals, the media and James Moore are all being deplorable: the media and Liberals for using opposition to PBA as a wedge and Moore for not standing behind his original position.

The NDP will supposedly be releasing details of its daycare plan tomorrow in Ottawa. Of course, we’ll be here to criticize it.