The New York Sun editorializes on the decision by New York City under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s regime that hospital maternity wards must restrict choice — not the choice of a mother to kill her baby, but how she feeds it:

The latest from New York’s commissioner of mental hygiene is that maternity wards in New York are going to start locking up their baby formula so as to force new mothers to breast feed their children. This scheme, according to the report in the New York Post, will start in 27 of the city’s 40 hospitals September 3. It’s part of the so-called “Latch on NYC” initiative the mental hygiene commissioner sprung on the city in May. The idea seems to be that New Yorkers elected the mayor to station the commissioner, Dr. Thos. Farley, between each newborn and his mother to make sure she doesn’t use her own best judgment in making her choice of how to feed her baby. Of course, if her choice had been that she’d wanted to abort the baby, the mayor would have hustled Dr. Farley out of the way faster than you could say Margaret Sanger.