Writers of the Future, a project of L. Ron Hubbard, predicted in 1987 what 2012 might look like. Generally speaking, the writers offer apocalyptic visions and several people predicted world population will catastrophically hit 8-10 billion (in fact, there are about 7 billion people on the planet today), and that there is no way Earth could handle that many people. One person, Gregory Benford, didn’t think the world would be “over-populated” because he predicted a deadly solution to the so-called problem:

There will have been major “diebacks” in overcrowded Third World countries, all across southern Asia and through Africa. This will be a major effect keeping population from reaching 10 billion.

Malthus and his followers are always wrong. As we noted last year, Kathy Shaidle said, “I remember when ‘the Earth was full’ — thirty years ago.” That would have been about the time the prognosticators were making their erroneous over-population predictions.