Ignore the background noise

This was released by Gary Bauer, noted conservative leader in the United States:

This is it, folks — Election Day. If you have not already voted, please go out and do so right now.

We are getting too many reports of low turnout in Republican areas of the country. This morning, Howard Dean confidently predicted that Democrats would hold on to the House because the Left’s ground game would swamp us. We can’t let that happen.

This may or may not be true (the turnout, that is, Dean ispredicting victory but we all know about his sanity), but such warnings are a common technique to get the base out to vote. The background noise needs to be ignored because half of all news coming out today is meaningless. Here is what Ed Kilgore wrote at The New Republic and is wise to take it to heart:

There will be lots of anecdotal reports during the early hours of voting about turnout and the expectations of both parties and many candidates. It’s colorful, but don’t believe any of it. Much of this chatter can be safely ignored as too unsystematic or, worse, as spin designed to suppress or motivate turnout. It’s also good to remain skeptical about charges of “voter fraud,” often peddled by Republicans in order to enrage the base and offset Democratic charges of voter intimidation and polling place chaos.

For your sanity, ignore your twitter feed today. And watch Fox, not CNN or the networks.

Go vote!

If you are pro-life, get out and vote for pro-life candidates. Vote because the men and women who have stood up on principle deserve your support. They are our voices in the political process and the country needs to hear us today. Every vote counts. Every vote is a message to the Obama-Pelosi Democrats that their radical left-wing agenda is being thoroughly and unambiguously repudiated. You can’t send that message by voting for social liberals like Mark Kirk in Illinois. There are enough pro-life candidates on the ballot in Illinois that you can afford to skip the Senate race.

If you are Canadian, contact your American friends and family and urge them to vote. Gentle nudges from loved ones can make a difference.