Pro-life victory

The midterm elections will result in a massive repudiation of Barack Obama and his liberal friends in Congress. Most of the backlash against Democrats is rooted in opposition to the overreach of the health care reform bill and much of that opposition was based on the overreach to include federal funding for abortion. It will be more difficult for Obama to impose his pro-abortion agenda when the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives tomorrow and narrow the Democrat control of the Senate. Pro-life politicians will also gain in state races, where pro-life measures can be passed and make a tangible difference in reducing abortion.

Uncompromisingly pro-life

The National Republican Coalition for Life has a complete list of no-exception Republican pro-lifers. Unfortunately there are pro-life candidates who say they support a rape/incest exception or abortion to protect the health of the mother. The pro-life movement gets into endless debates about whether someone can be pro-life with exceptions. These are the pro-life candidates and incumbents about which there is no question. I would suggest that less than perfect candidates deserve support, too.  However, pro-abortion candidates like Mark Kirk, running for the Senate in Illinois, deserve to be defeated. Control of the Senate is important, but not at the cost of electing so-called moderates who could very well undermine pro-life efforts from within the party (it is harder to cross a colleague than an opponent).

Reading the post-election tea leaves

Paul Tuns, this paper’s illustrious editor, is a firm believer that 99% of all pundits have no basis for their comments other than their own prejudices and election night analysis and Wednesday morning explanations will reflect that. If Republicans win both houses of Congress it will be about anger and economic uncertainty, but if they fail to capture the Senate it will be due to certain socially conservative Tea Party-backed candidates such as Christine O’Donnell (Delaware), Sharon Angle (Nevada) and Joe Miller (Alaska). In other words, if the GOP win they do so despite their social conservatism which is allegedly not an issue, but if they don’t win it is all because of their social conservatism which supposedly wasn’t an issue.