On October 29, eight senators — Liberals David Smith, Peter Stollery, Art Eggleton,  Sharon Carstairs, Jerry Grafstein, Terry Mercer, Conservative Con Di Nino, independent Anne Cools — paid tribute to one of their former colleagues, Stanley Haidasz, who passed away in August. Most acknowledged his support for multiculturalism, Senator Grafstein noted Haidasz’s role in the creation of universal health care in Canada, but only Senator Anne Cools referenced Haidasz’s pro-life convictions:

“The important thing, as well, to remember about Senator Haidasz was the fierce integrity that he brought to his work. He was a doctor by trade, a scientist by training and a physician by profession. He used to tell me, time and again, that he felt that his first duty as a physician was to save and protect life. Obviously, he was no fan of the pro-choice movement nor the pro-euthanasia movement.”

Congratulations to Senator Cools for highlighting an important component of Senator Haidasz’s public service, while others danced around what is most important to bow before their party’s own politically correct pieties. The Interim obituary of Senator Stanley Haidasz ran in the September issue of the paper.