I got an email from Link Byfield regarding my post earlier today in which I was overly sarcastic in suggesting that he has serially “given up on federal politics,” which was unfair. Byfield wrote:

 Good blog post on Harper.

 You say in it I have given up on federal politics. You misapprehend me – I have been moving this past decade towards federalism and away from separatism. I have (largely) given up on national parties as agents of structural change, but that is quite a different thing.

That is a topic we should delve into some time here at The Interim because no doubt many pro-life social conservatives share his frustration with the major federal parties. Politics is a crude instrument for social change, but as Byfield says, that’s another discussion.

I did not intend to be unfair or mean-spirited to Link Byfield and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, including running for MLA in Alberta under the Wildrose Party banner.