According to an NRO interview with heroic pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak, an anti-life health care reform bill will be pushed through Congress one way or another. That is, even without the Stupak amendment language, a number of his pro-life colleagues were picked off by the Democrat leadership to support Obamacare. Stupak’s view is that the leadership and some weary pro-life Congressman just want the whole health care bill fiasco behind them. Stupak says the insistence on keeping the provisions to fund abortion and his party’s hurry to ram health care reform into law is “a pretty sad commentary on the state of the Democratic party.” Indeed.

I’m not quite as sure about Obamacare passing, although it now seems like a 50-50 proposition. It is also becoming clear that the party in power will almost certainly employ some dirty tricks (like avoiding a vote) if it must, regardless of the electoral slaughter it will face in November. I assumed that they wouldn’t commit political suicide to pass Obama’s signature legislation, but that assumption seems ill-founded now and that the vote will be sometime next weekend.