Grace-Marie Turner explains the Democrat thinking and complexities on the Slaughter Strategy and what Republicans can do about it all at NRO’s Critical Condition. It speaks volumes that Obamacare cannot be passed honestly. Our esteemed editor and I have had a three-day long running email conversation on whether Democrats will risk electoral suicide to ram through the unpopular health care reform and we seem to be in agreement that they may have arrived at a point of no return where they have no choice but to deliver reform and suffer the consequences. I am still inclined to think cooler heads will prevail, but there might be something to a conspiracy theory offered by Paul:  it could all be part of astrategy of giving up on health care reform by ramping up expectations of dirty tricks to get the legislation onto the president’s desk to be signed into law only to appear moderate later by backing down from such extremism.

The larger point is this: conservatives have won the argument over the Democrat plan for health care reform and thus Obamacare can only be passed by trickery. That may or may not be cause for celebration.