A group of concerned parents and parental rights groups held a press conference at Queen’s Park yesterday to discuss the Liberal government’s Bill 13 (concerns about the bill were addressed on this blog yesterday). The Toronto Sun and Sun News were the only media to cover the event. The Toronto Sun reported:

Kim Galvao, chair of Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario, said people of many faiths will attend the 2 p.m. protest. They aim to convince the Dalton McGuinty government to withdraw Bill 13 or at least its most controversial sections.

“(The government) must respect the rights of parents to teach their children about human sexuality according to their faith convictions without being undermined by the state,” Galvao said Wednesday. “The bottom line is this is too much information,”

Galvao said her organization agrees that bullying is wrong, but believes the legislation goes well beyond that principle in a manner that violates parental rights and attacks freedom of religion.

The Sun story also has a 2-minute video of the press conference.

The Ontario Catholic bishops and Ontario Catholic school trustees have a response to what the McGuinty government is trying do and how to protect the denominational rights of Catholic schools and parental rights as first educators of their children. Campaign Life Catholics has an analysis of that response and is urging parents and taxpayers to contact their MPPs.

There is a demonstration at Queen’s Park this afternoon from 2pm-3pm in opposition to Bill 13.