Tomorrow (March 29) there will be a rally at Queen’s Park to protest the Ontario Liberal government’s Bill 13, the so-called anti-bullying bill that is a Trojan horse to normalize homosexuality and attack parental rights and religious freedom. It lasts from 2pm to 3pm so drop in and support the cause for at least some portion of it. In recent months, The Interim has had coverage of Bill 13 and an editorial explaining why it wrong. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Institute of Marriage and Family Canada have both been critical of the government’s so-called anti-bullying efforts and inclusivity strategy.

Bill 13 is named the Accepting Schools Act and it is ostensibly about curbing bullying — but it isn’t really about bullying, it’s about promoting homosexual activism (see this Catholic Register article). If it was about bullying, there would be more focus on body shape and size (more common targets of bullying) than sexual orientation. As we editorialized in December:

In early December, Campaign Life Catholics, a division of Campaign Life Coalition, participated in a joint press conference at Queen’s Park, to protest Dalton McGuinty’s Bill 13. They argued that the bill pretends to be about anti-bullying, but in reality, is trying to sneak in a radical, sexualized agenda by legislating the Premier’s gay “equity” curriculum, thus giving it the force of law.

The Bill will require, by law, that all schools, including Catholic, permit openly homosexual student clubs known as Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs). By looking to our American cousins where GSAs have been around for more than 15 years, we know that these so-called “support groups” will be nothing more than gay pride clubs, agitating for the celebration of the homosexual lifestyle.

According to the Campaign Life Catholics representative at the press conference, this bill is about forcing Catholic schools to accept a curriculum which undermines Catholic morality on marriage and sexuality; it is about using the classroom as a vehicle to indoctrinate children into embracing a new sexual revolution, pushed by gay activists.

The gay equity curriculum also expects teachers to promote the concept of “gender-fluidity” – the theory that a child’s gender is not connected to their anatomy and that it’s perfectly normal for little boys to think they’re little girls, and vice-versa. This bill has a radical agenda to get kids to reject the religious beliefs held by their families regarding homosexuality.

Dr. Rondo Thomas of The Evangelical Association pointed out at the press conference that another dangerous clause in the bill appears to target churches and Christian groups by prohibiting rental or use of public schools by external organizations that do not comply with the “provincial code of conduct.” Thomas said that hundreds of evangelical churches currently rent space for worship services from public schools. This clause, he predicted, would be used to ban those churches should they dare to preach, or be known to preach, about biblical passages that deal with sexuality. Could this clause potentially prohibit Christian groups, even in Catholic schools? For example, would the Vatican-approved Courage ministry for persons with same-sex attraction, be considered in violation of the “code of conduct” for its known opposition to homosexual behaviour? It seems crazy, but one year ago, the thought of openly homosexual clubs in Catholic schools seemed crazy too.

Genuine bullying needs to be stopped, but by focusing on one group, and including restrictions similar to the one Rondo Thomas pointed to, the McGuinty government action begs serious questions about whether it cares about bullying at all, or whether it is using bullying as cover to push it’s pro-gay agenda.

See at the rally at Queen’s Park on Thursday.