The Washington Post (via Hot Air) reports on the Virginia gubernatorial race attracting outside state help from pro-abortion extremists intent on preventing pro-life Republican Ken Cuccinelli from becoming the state’s next governor:

Planned Parenthood Votes has spent more than $1 million on television and radio ads that will soon air in the Norfolk and Richmond areas, telling women that they should not trust Ken Cuccinelli II, the Republican candidate for Virginia governor.

Planned Parenthood’s various political advocacy groups have been heavily involved in the Virginia race for more than eight months, pushing a campaign dubbed “Keep Ken Out” and endorsing the Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe. Women’s issues, especially those related to abortion, have dominated campaign commercials and debates.

As Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen says, this goes hand-in-glove with McAuliffe’s dishonest campaign attacking Cuccinelli for supposedly wanting to ban birth control. That is a preposterous claim and even the left-leaning Politifact Virginia says the charge is mostly bogus.