A number of conservative pundits and bloggers are outraged about the story of a Massachusetts boy being sent home and ordered to have a psychological evaluation after drawing a picture of Jesus’ crucifixion. If the story was true, it would indeed be outrageous, but it appears to be a bit more complicated than early reports would indicate. As Kathy Shaidle reports in her Examiner piece:

Rather, teachers became concerned when the boy handed in a drawing of himself nailed to a cross, complete with “dead” eyes and his name written in the traditional “INRI” placard on the crucifix. The photo being widely distributed in the blogosphere appears to be a slightly different drawing.

At her own blog, Shaidle points to a post by Seraphic Single (Dorothy Cummings) who says:

When Christians really are being persecuted and, in some places, even killed for their faith, it really sucks to manufacture–and try to cash in on–a fake martyrdom.

We don’t need fake scandals. There are enough victims of anti-Christian bigotry and persecution, enough reason to homeschool (a popular meme when this story broke) and more than enough politically correct garbage in society; there is not need to make stuff up.