This article gets to the heart of the matter regarding the scandal within the Catholic Church (or at least one part of it), namely homosexuality. (The other part of the current crisis facing the church is the failure of priests to live up to their priestly duty and bishops to exercise to their responsibilities as overseers of their archdioceses — in other words, insufficient adherence to Catholic teaching, not Catholic teaching itself.) Anyway, Harley Price, a contributor to The Interim, doesn’t mince words. Here’s part of his conclusion:

If the Church had really wanted to eliminate sexual abuse, it should have been fiercely vigilant in screening out candidates for the priesthood with homosexual tendencies and refusing them entrance to her seminaries.  I suspect the policy she has followed, during Rome’s post-Vatican II Age of Aquarius, is the ecclesiastical equivalent of the military’s Don’t ask, don’t tell.  This, it seems to me, is the Church’s real crime.