Our editorial in the May issue (in the mail now) encourages all social conservatives to put the abortion issue front-and-center when casting a ballot. We state:

We must, therefore, lead where our leaders have failed. It is true that many courageous and committed politicians have fought the good fight, and have struggled for the pro-life cause with integrity and at great personal cost. But even this brave, small cadre represents only the first turning of Canada’s maple leaf, the primavera of our nation’s new spring. There will come a time when pro-life politicians are not the exception, but the rule. And that time will come only when we, as a movement, accept no compromises from those we send to Ottawa.

If pro-life Canadians will not prioritize the issue of abortion, how can we complain when politicians ignore the issue? Too many pro-life Canadians put partisanship ahead of protection for the unborn, figuring that it doesn’t matter anyway or that this or that party represents a better hope for change than the alternative. But in Canada, we don’t vote for parties or leaders (although many think along those lines). we vote for MP. We need to support pro-life candidate regardless of the party label. In most cases that means putting an “X” beside the Conservative candidate on our ballots, but not always. Voting for pro-life candidates, regardless of party, will move Canada closer to the goal of some day scaling back the abortion license.