There are five riding social conservatives should watch with particular interest:

1. Mississauga South features a pro-life Liberal and pro-life Conservative.

2. Guelph features a strong pro-life, pro-family Tory challenger against a Liberal MP who insinuates he is pro-life and pro-family by telling church-goers he attends church himself — despite voting for Bob Rae’s motion to include abortion in maternal health.

3. Kitchener Centre features a strong pro-life incumbent facing the strident pro-abortion MP he defeated in 2008.

4. Saskatoon-Rosewater-Biggar features a vocal pro-life female MP that barely won in 2008 and is being targeted by the NDP in 2011.

5. Saanich-Gulf Islands features a pro-life member of cabinet trying to fend off Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s challenge.