Equality Act pushes abortion

Paul Tuns The Equality Act passed in the House of Representatives last week amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" as protected classes under federal nondiscrimination statutes. There has been a great deal of criticism that by adding special protections for transgenderism, the law could undermine or erase women's rights by opening female institutions from [...]

2021-03-05T12:30:32-05:00March 4, 2021|Abortion, Paul Tuns, Politics, Soconvivium, Transgender|

U.S. election offers stark choice on abortion

The U.S. election is about many issues including the fitness of the two major candidates to lead and the president’s handling of the pandemic and the economy. A major difference between the parties and presidential candidates is their approach to abortion, which would have been important to many voters but will have a higher profile and could become the issue of the [...]

2020-12-06T16:19:35-05:00October 1, 2020|Abortion, Announcements, Cover stories, Election, Politics|

Keep America

In 1994, the United States of America was enjoying peace and prosperity. The Cold War was over, the economy was thriving, and the third-youngest president in the country’s history had recently been elected; he and his centrist policies enjoyed popular support. And yet, even as the good times were rolling, a 5-foot-tall Albanian religious sister offered this country a dire warning and [...]

2020-12-06T16:20:12-05:00October 1, 2020|Abortion, Announcements, Editorials, Politics|
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