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Campus freedom index documents censorship of pro-life groups

Carleton pro-life student Ruth Lobo was arrested in 2010. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has released its 2012 Campus Freedom Index which measures and rates the state of free speech at Canadian universities and gives 28 F grades and just three As. The JCCF’s Index, and an accompanying longer report, The State of Campus Free Speech in 2012, examines [...]

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Symposium equips post-second students to reach their campuses

For the past 15 years the National Campus Life Network CLN Symposium has been bringing together university students from across Canada for a weekend featuring speakers to provide information and knowledge to equip them to bring the pro-life message to their university campus. This year’s symposium – the organization’s 15th – was held at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto, Sept. 28-30. Theresa [...]

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Stripped of club status, Carleton Lifeline sues student union

Carleton Lifeline has been a certified campus club since 2006. That all changed on Nov. 15 when the club announced via press release that the Carleton University Student Association had decided to not give Lifeline status this year. CUSA has taken issue with section 3.2 in the club’s constitution, which states: “Carleton Lifeline believes in the equal rights of the [...]

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Life and Justice: 2nd annual campus pro-life student dinner

Following the National March for Life on May 13, more than 100 people, predominantly campus pro-life students, joined together for the 2nd annual Campus Pro-Life Student Dinner at the Mambo Nuevo Latino restaurant in the nation’s capital. The National Campus Life Network, together with University of Ottawa Students for Life (uOSFL) and Carleton Lifeline, co-organized the evening that brought together students from [...]

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McGill’s disgraced ideals

Last October, Jose Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform visited the McGill University campus to present a display entitled, “Echoes of the Holocaust,” which drew parallels between the Nazi Holocaust and an atrocity which is still perpetrated and perpetuated today: abortion. As might be expected, Ruba’s presentation was disrupted by extremists intent on violating the rights that any university ought [...]

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National Campus Life Network expands

The National Campus Life Network works with pro-life students to maximize the promotion and effectiveness of the pro-life message on Canadian university and college campuses. Over the summer of 2009, it hired a new director to work with students in the Maritimes. Sara Hall was hired for this part-time position and began serving students for the fall 2009 school term. [...]

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Making waves: The campus pro-life movement

On Sept. 25-27, the National Campus Life Network hosted its 2009 National Symposium in Toronto. The goal of the annual event is to provide networking opportunities, information and practical advice that will contribute to a stronger and dedicated campus pro-life movement. With the theme, “Making Waves: The Campus Pro-Life Movement,” the focus was on equipping student leaders to make an impact on [...]

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University of Guelph pro-lifers shut down

The campus pro-life club at the University of Guelph, Ont. was banned without prior notice in October. After being informed of the reasons the Central Student Association (CSA) banned them, the club appealed the decision at a meeting on Oct. 29. There were over four hours of heated discussion and no conclusion was reached. Instead, a motion was made to postpone any [...]

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GAP presented at Calgary, Toronto universities

On April 3, nearly two dozen pro-lifers, led by Rosemary Connell of Show the Truth, displayed Genocide Awareness Project signs on the University of Toronto campus outside the Robarts Library. Thousands of students and members of the public witnessed the signs that compare abortion to other historical tragedies including the Holocaust and slavery. On one picture, an aborted child and a prematurely [...]

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Two new campus clubs established

While some pro-life students are in battles with their student unions for recognition as official clubs on campus, students at Sir Wilfred Laurier and Ottawa Universities are planning events for their first terms as a club. Both campuses had clubs in earlier years, but for various reasons, were unable to continue them until now. Their applications for club status were submitted just [...]

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More repression of campus groups

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Ontario has decided to weigh in on the controversy at Lakehead University. The Lakehead Student Union officially became “pro-choice” at an emergency meeting on Jan. 21. The motion stated: “the Lakehead University student union (will) withhold any and all funds, space, resources and services within its control from any group … if that group holds any [...]

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Only half of the issue addressed at U of T’s abortion symposium

On Jan. 25, professionals and students gathered at the University of Toronto for a day to mark the 20th anniversary of the R. v. Morgentaler decision in 1988. The symposium, entitled, “Of What Difference: Reflections on the Judgement and Abortion in Canada Today,” was a collaborative effort by the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program at the Faculty of Law, the University [...]

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The National Campus Life Network spreads west

The National Campus Life Network is expanding its staff to include a Western Canada co-ordinator. Sarah Buckle just completed a year with the NCLN as executive director for 2006-07 and her move to British Columbia has created the opportunity for a new staff member for it. The NCLN works to train, equip and network pro-life post-secondary students at over 40 post-secondary campuses [...]

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Pro-life women present university with true intellectual diversity

The University of Toronto seems to be a fairly typical North American campus, where the pro-life position is rarely encountered in either classrooms or coffee shops. This year, however, two student groups – Compass Catholic Fellowship and University of Toronto Students for Life – have been working hard to change this situation, by inviting prominent speakers to defend the pro-life point of [...]

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A supposed bastion of free thought suppresses it

On Dec. 5, a decision at Carleton University was made that banned pro-life groups from forming on campus. A motion was accepted by 25 of 32 members of the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA). The motion read: “1) CUSA and CUSA Inc. respect and affirm a woman’s ‘right to choose.’ 2) No CUSA resources, space, recognition or funding be allocated for ‘anti-choice’ [...]

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