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Homemaker’s magazine – update

The march 1983 issue of Homemaker's  Magazine, included a hard-line pro-abortion article. Right on the heels of this, the April 1983 issue contained another pro-abortion article. The column in the April issue under the heading "Healthwise" was written by Naomi Mallovy, who tried to substantiate her pro-abortion position with wildly inaccurate and totally-false statements, such as " early abortion by a qualified [...]

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The Midwich Cuckoos

Several days ago I began re-reading an old favourite - a novel I'd read years ago, so long ago that I could but dimly remember the details of the plot and only a few of the names. I hadn't gotten far before I realized that I was reading about another world entirely, a world of greater innocence and cohesiveness than ours is [...]

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Against abortion…but…

"You know I'm against abortion," said Brian Mulroney a few months ago. But Brian has indicated that he supports the current hospital committee system and accepts abortion in cases of rape or incest. Other politicians are firmly against abortion, but not in cases of physical deformity or severe mental retardation. David Crombie feels that he is pro-life, but states that setting the [...]

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Keeping tabs on Morgentaler in Toronto

Since the successful police raid on July 5, the Morgentaler clinic has been effectively shut down. Drs. Robert Scott and Leslie Smoling were charged with performing illegal abortions, and with the inclusion of Morgentaler, all three were charged with the conspiracy to produce a miscarriage. All three men opted for trial by jury and the date for the trial will be set [...]

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Only a woman consumed by consumerism can consider abortion snuff shop talk

There are more abortions than live births among City of Toronto residents. A Globe & Mail report of July 17, 1983, made public city Health Department figures for 1981. In 1981, 8,313 abortions were recorded for city residents. In the same year, the number of live births was 7,597. These statistics are a stark contrast to 1975 when more than 10,000 births [...]

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BC politicians refuse to protect life

Earlier this year, the Pro Life Society of British Columbia petitioned the BC government to have June 12-18 proclaimed "Protect Human Life Week." The carefully-worded proclamation asked for three resolutions - firstly, that the government be recognized as supportive of the dignity and potential of all human life. Secondly, that the future and greater good for mankind be considered when questions of [...]

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BC doctor denounces abortion

In a CP report in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel, May 14, 1983, Dr. William Jory, outgoing president of the BC Medical Association, angrily denounced abortion and euthanasia. "Is it right that in Canada each year, 65,000 embryonic Canadians are flushed down the sluices and toilets of this country?" Dr. Jory asked the association's annual convention in Kelowna. "This is a staggering total [...]

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I am pro-choice!

During the Mother's Day Rally and Walk for Life in Toronto on Sunday May 8th, the pro-abortionists had a plane circling overhead with a streamer tied to its tail. The banner read, "Motherhood by choice: not by force." It looked beautiful against the bits of blue in the sky and as I watched it I found myself agreeing with both statements. Of [...]

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Report from Campaign Life Saskatchewan – Devine disappoints

Pro-life people are running out of patience waiting for the Devine government to demonstrate the courage of it's prolife convictions. Before he was elected, Premier Devine said frequently that his first priorities were God and family. It was in this context that he committed himself and his government to strengthening the protection of the unborn in this province. However, since coming to [...]

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Aftermath: help for post-abortion women

Emotional problems following abortion are at last beginning to be tackled. The pro-abortion counselor does not tell the pregnant woman that she can expect to feel guilt, shame, grief, regret, remorse, lower self-esteem, despair and anger. Nor is the woman told that these emotions can appear immediately, or come later, or disappear and reappear at intervals, or that she in fact may [...]

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The killers: who are they?

The following is Part 1 of a 6 part article. Originally published in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Toronto, in 1980, reprinted here with permission. Part One: Active euthanasia, passive euthanasia, voluntary euthanasia Dr. Cicely Saunders, medical director of St. Christopher's Hospice in England, is considered a pioneer in the hospice or palliative care movement, aimed at helping people live [...]

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A new “harvest”

British doctors have announced that they are now beginning to "harvest" human eggs. Donated eggs will be used to produce test-tube babies for women who are afraid to pass on such inherited genetic diseases as muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, etc. In effect, the process is a reverse artificial insemination in that the husband's sperm is joined with a donor egg. AI until now [...]

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What’s happening

The success of the Campaign Life commercials with Dr. Bernard Nathanson still has to be measured. Since their outstanding first run on CHCH-TV, Hamilton, and CKY Winnipeg in March, where they raised the hackles of every pro-abortionist in Canada, the dust seems to have settled. We have distributed the commercials to Canadian markets such as Thunder Bay, Ontario, Vancouver, BC, Wingham, Ontario, [...]

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Abortion doctor charged with attempted murder

LUTON (UPI) - An English doctor who performed an unsuccessful abortion on a 23-year-old woman has been charged with attempted murder of the baby, who survived. Nurses at Luton and Dunstable Hospital told police they found the baby boy wrapped in a sheet in an isolated room after the abortion failed. He is now living with foster parents. Anthony John Hamilton, a [...]

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Toronto School Board ducks a Morgentaler censure

At the meeting of the Toronto Board of Education on June 23, 1983, Trustee Mazzotta moved the following motion with regard to the Morgentaler abortion clinic. It was seconded by Trustee Stevenson: "Whereas, this Board of Education has long prided itself for being a leader in social justice and the protection of human rights; and "Whereas, this Board has worked diligently in [...]

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