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The threat of Planned Parenthood

International International Planned Parenthood Federation has become one of the most powerful organizations on earth. Its policies, and the great success it has had in persuading various governments to implement them, are having far-reaching effects right now on the everyday life of billions of people, and will be one of the major influences on the moral and ethical attitudes of future generations. [...]

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From Hansard

Hansard  is the transcript of Parlimentary Proceedings Mr.Garnet M.Bloomfield ( London Middlesex): Mr.Speaker, I am speaking today in support of the private member's bill presented by the hon. Member for Kindersley-Lyodminister (Mr.McKnight). The hon. member for Vancouver East ( Mrs.Mitchell) said that male chauvinistic views were being expounded. I would like her to know that there is one member on our side [...]

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RC nurse denied church wedding

Lynn Hilliard is one of four nurses charged following police raids on Morgentaler's Winnipeg abortion clinic. Miss Hilliard is a Roman Catholic and has been planning a July church wedding. Archbishop Adam Exner of Winnipeg stated that Miss Hilliard "has created a public scandal." He said that "to be married in the church, you have to be in conformity with the teaching [...]

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What a monstrous insult to women!

Harri Blankfield is currently staying in a ₤ 260-a-day suite at London's Hilton Hotel. She is an overweight, rich, short-necked American mother of two, regarded by some as a monster, by others as their pathway to fulfillment. Personally, I see her only as a shrewd, avaricious business woman. Mrs. Blankfied runs a business called Miracle Program which hires out female bodies to [...]

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O.H.I.P. pays for legal aborts

The Globe & Mail, June 15, 1983, reported that an un-named Ontario doctor received $1,200 earlier this year from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan for 18 illegal abortions. OHIP policy is to pay for abortions done in approved and accredited hospitals. The doctor in question submitted claims with a hospital number attached. When the mistake was discovered, he was refused subsequent claims. [...]

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A teenager tells the truth

Wendy Godsoe is 16 years of age, a grade 11 student at Malvern Collegiate Institute in Toronto. The following is the text of a speech given by Wendy to her Level 5 English class. She accompanied her presentation with graphic photographs of the results of types of abortion she describes, together with a fact sheet detailing fetal development. Wendy's speech opened many [...]

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Stock response and the conditioned male

I won't soon forget the day Morgentaler announced the opening of his Toronto abortion clinic. I was taking the subway to the Carlton Inn where the press conference was being held, and, as if I wasn't nervous enough, I ended up beside a young businessman who happened to be reading about our leading executioner in the Toronto Sun. "I'm just on my [...]

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Canadian Civil Liberties trying to erase evidence in Borowski case

Both the Canadian abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and the pro-abortion Canadian Vicil Liberties Association (CCLA) have been outraged not only because Mr. Borowski was permitted to proceed with his legal case in Regina on behalf of the unborn child, but also because, during the trial, he was permitted to introduce evidence on the humanity of the unborn child by world-renowned medical [...]

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University Avenue – an Auschwitz for the unborn – Abortion Blvd.

Life is cheap in Canada in 1983. Is it now common sport in this country to murder the handicapped? Recently is was discovered that an Edmonton doctor fatally injected a handicapped newborn. Not too long ago the courts had to order a life-giving operation to Stephan Dawson, a retarded child, this, over the objections of his parents. At the same time that [...]

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The NDP – the pro-death party

The federal New Democrat party is rapidly becoming the pro-death party. With their recent over-whelming resolutions endorsing abortion on demand, support for Henry Morgentaler and censure of their own provincial government in Manitoba, the NDP is quickly losing its pro-life supporters. Following the Canadian Catholic Bishops' New Year's report on the economy, which strongly favoured socialist policies, the NDP felt certain of [...]

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Ideas rule the world

The Canadian bishops in a 1977 pastoral letter said, "in any age, ideas rule the world." The idea the secular press has been running on for years has been the inexplicable contradiction that human life is irrelevant. It's called "straining out gnats and swallowing camels". Premier Hatfield must not suggest even the possibility of having had one too many sherries, but, if [...]

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War on children

Time magazine ran a feature article on abortion some time ago. The cover was a Picasso-like painting of two groups of angry faces posed in grimacing confrontation. That is not what abortion is about. Abortion is not a war between two factions each capable of defending itself. Abortion is a war on children. There are two sides, true enough, but only one [...]

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On the spot again – Campagnolo

Last month's Interim reported two demonstrations against the Liberal party leadership hopeful, Iona Campagnolo, in Thunder Bay and Mississauga, Ont. Recently, Iona was again faced by pro-lifers in Saskatoon, Sask. Ms. Campagnolo is on the board of directors of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and has spoken publicly in favour of abortion on demand. CARAL is actively assisting Henry Morgentaler [...]

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N.D.P. reaffirms pro-abortion stand

The New Democratic party has a long-standing policy of abortion on demand. This was reaffirmed at the party's national convention held in Regina the weekend of July 1. Delegates to the convention also lent support to two further anti-life resolutions. Firstly, the NDP officially supports Henry Morgentaler's abortion clinics in both Winnipeg and Toronto. The party also supports the establishment of similar [...]

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Morphine caused Edmonton baby’s death

The Edmonton enquiry into the morphine death of Baby Candice Taschuk died last fall, 16 hours after birth. She had suffered oxygen deprivation due to a blockage in the umbilical cord during the caesarian delivery and was immediately put on life support systems. Aware of the possibility of severe brain damage, her parents gave permission to have the support systems removed to [...]

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