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An adoptive mother tells her story

Some time ago, The Interim expressed interest in hearing from people who had experienced adoption from one angle or another. I do not pretend to be an expert, but I am the mother of three adopted children, as well as two “home-made” sons. We married expecting to adopt. I had had tuberculosis of the kidney quite seriously in my teen years, and [...]

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Silent Night

I think I celebrated about twenty-six Christmases in Kenya, East Africa.  But the only one that stands out in my memory is the first. It was in 1942 and in those days there were no distractions such as television and radio out in the “bush,” so Midnight Mass was one of the big events of the year.  Everybody came to it – [...]

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Pro-life women unite

The pro-life women’s movement in Canada has recently made significant gains.  Readers of The Interim will recall I have written before about the R.E.A.L. (Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life) Women of Canada which is a nationally incorporated organization recently formed to give pro-life, pro-family women a voice which had not been able to them before. It is perhaps necessary for me to [...]

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Natural Family Planning The attack on the body by contraception

Family planning touches on so many issues vital to the health and happiness of people that any thorough discussion of the subject will eventually become moral in nature.  We have discussed the impact that family planning methods can have on an individual’s health, on a woman’s image of herself, on a couple’s relationship, on simple concepts of justice and shared responsibility.  These [...]

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Help, I need hope

This is not a commercial!  Two friends of mine, Helen Slattery and Lorraine Williams have brought out a second edition of their pamphlet, Help, I Need Hope. It would be difficult to find two women more qualified to write such a booklet than Helen and Lorraine.  Lorraine and I have met a few times at meetings.  Helen, her husband Charlie and their [...]

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The executioners; who are they?

The following is Part 5 of a 6-part article originally published in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Toronto, in 1980; reprinted here with permission. It has been said that death is the last taboo to come out of the closet.  Why choose life over death?  If people can persuade themselves that there is nothing beyond the grave, why fear death?  [...]

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The Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

In July of 1983 the lead editorial in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, stated, “We can no longer base our ethics on the idea that human beings are a special form of creation, made in the image of God singled out from all other animals, and alone possessing an immortal soul”. Last year in the United States, [...]

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You, your M.P. and the unborn

Having just returned from Ottawa, I have a new appreciation for the importance of the role you and I play in our democratic system.  The most powerful influence most Canadians can exert on government policy is through personal contact with members of Parliament. Your M.P. was elected to represent you and your views in the House of Commons.  Freedom is preserved when [...]

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Across Canada

British Columbia Christmas at Langley Memorial 1983 Most of us in the pro-life movement at this time of the year tend to feel jaded and battle-scarred, and yes, even depressed occasionally.  We’ve fought our annual hospital meeting battles, with mixed results; the current year’s national abortion statistics are again obviously going to be depressingly high; Morgentaler and his abortuaries are still with [...]

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Doctor convicted of killing an unborn child

Dr. Raymond Showery was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for smothering and drowning ‘a fetus’ after a 1979 abortion in El Paso Texas in September of this year. The woman who had the abortion was six month pregnant. Showery, the father of seven children still faces charges of operating an unlicensed child placement center and trying to force a [...]

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Unwanted on the phone… On the phone to the Morgentaler abortuary

Henry Morgentaler was the subject of an article in Quest magazine in October of 1983.  In this article was the following statement about his pricing policy: He made money - $350.00 per procedure (per abortion) until the first Montreal raid, after which he lowered his price to $250.00.  In cases of need he took less or nothing. A call was made to [...]

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Freedom to Print

Ontario One hears rumors that the pro-life no-nonsense political strategy was having an effect on the politicians.  This became apparent during the bitter debate on the Constitution when Members of Parliament from all parties reeled under the impact of pro-life forces, which objected to a Charter of Rights that did not protect the unborn child.  When a prominent religious leader came out [...]

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Brigid Elson is a French teacher living in Toronto.  She recently wrote to the Premier of the Province of Ontario with regard to abortion clinics. A reply to her letter appears below. October 28, 1983 Dear Miss Elson: This will acknowledge your recent letter in which you expressed your opinion concerning abortion clinics in Ontario. As you know, the provision for therapeutic [...]

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Christmas story

Birthright is an international service agency, which offers an alternative of abortion to distressed pregnant women. Louise Summerhill, founder and director of Birthright, which has just celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, chose the following story to symbolize the caring that characterizes those who work with Birthright. The author is a Birthright volunteer in the United States. She wishes to remain anonymous. It was [...]

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What is the real constitutional issue before the court in the Morgentaler case?

Morris Manning, Defense Counsel for Henry Morgentaler, is obviously introducing evidence into the court record, which is little more than pro-abortion propaganda. Thus will the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, when they adjudicate this case in subsequent years, be “informed” on the pro-abortion arguments. Manning, of course, is also no doubt aware of the advantages of the media [...]

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