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Cardinal Carter on Abortion

On November 15, Gerald Emmet Cardinal Carter issued a pastoral letter on abortion in response to the Morgentaler acquittal (November 8). During the federal election campaign, Morgentaler had attacked an earlier letter by the Cardinal, issued in August, arguing on television and radio, as he had done many times before, that abortion was opposed only by Catholics and, among Catholics, really only [...]

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Churchgoers and housewives, please do not apply

In 1974, Alphonse de Valk, the author of Mortality and Law in Canadian Politics: The Abortion Controversy, stated that "the new principles implied in the legislation of abortions will have a whole train of consequences, conscious and subconscious, foreseen and unforeseen, political and philosophical, personal and social.  Together, these consequences will profoundly affect society and affect it not for the better, but [...]

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The Editorial: Slicing them open

The recent disclosure that vaccines were produced from tissues of aborted babies had three main pro-life reactions: the immediate one of repugnance; the second, "why were we not told?" the third, "what experimentation that we don't know about is going on now?"  The answer to the last question is that human vivisection of live aborted babies is almost commonplace, even though it [...]

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From acquittal to appeal

On December 4, 1984, Attorney-General Roy McMurtry announced that the Crown would appeal the jury's November 8th decision to acquit Morgentaler and his two medical associates, Robert Scott and Leslie Smoling.  In a 17-page statement read to the Ontario Legislature, McMurtry explained that, "the case raises fundamental issues about the jury in our system of criminal justice."  The "legal advice I received [...]

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Hansard: House of Commons debates

The Morgentaler acquittal of Thursday, November 8, 1984, had its reverberations on the "hill."  Right-to-abortion supporters were quick to move, even though the Minister of Justice (Hon. John Crosbie, St. John's West) had stated already that he did not foresee any changes because "there is no social consensus."  (Toronto Star, Nov. 9).  The following statements are taken from Hansard. Addressing herself to [...]

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McMurtry appeals: The reasons given

Ontario's Attorney-General Roy McMurty addressed the Ontario Legislature on Tuesday, December 4, explaining his reason for appeal.  The following are the relevant extracts from his address. After explaining that the decision to appeal was made on strictly legal grounds, the Attorney General stated the following: "The conduct of this case raises fundamental issues about the role of the jury in our system [...]

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Always get cash

An appointment list, taken by police at Morgentaler's Toronto Harbord Street abortuary, showed that abortions - at $300 each - were scheduled once and sometimes twice every 30 minutes (according to police testimony, on October 23, at the Morgentaler trial).  The day the Metro police raided the abortion clinic, 14 abortions were scheduled.  For each abortion done, Morgentaler receives a $50 "consultation" [...]

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The Abortion Pill

  Canadian newspapers reported recently that next year the first “foolproof” birth control drug will be distributed in Europe.  “First foolproof post pregnancy birth control pill” read the Ottawa Citizen caption. (Dec. 5).  “Foolproof pill ready next year,” said the Toronto Sun.  The Winnipeg Free Press, however, headed its short news item more accurately: “Abortion pill safe, labs say.” (Dec. 4).   [...]

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Pro-life commentary: Modern medicine and our disposable children

          “Selection” is the practice of withholding necessary medical treatment to handicapped newborns with the intention to facilitate an early death.  Those who defend “selection” (for non-treatment) argue that they are motivated to do so out of noble compassion for the handicapped child.  Selection is not limited, however, to those infants for whom treatment would provide no hope [...]

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Sanctity of human life Sunday

The Christian Action Council of Metropolitan Toronto has designated the first Sunday in May (May 5, 1985) as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHLS). On May 14, 1969, the Canadian Parliament gave third reading to Bill C-150 a reform of the Criminal Code of Canada, which liberalized the abortion law in Canada. Mr. Howard McPhee, president of the Toronto Christian Action Council [...]

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IPPF violating the law

        The recent published report of a working party of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) calls for:   - full and free access to all methods of fertility regulation, including abortion and sterilization for all, irrespective of age or marital status, as a “human right”;   - the right of children to contraception and abortion from the age [...]

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Homeless: Geoffrey

      Geoffrey is six years old.  He is part black with fine features, dark brown eyes, brown hair and a light complexion.  Geoffrey is an affectionate child but at the moment is insecure and tense.   Geoffrey’s health is generally good although he is prone to upper respiratory infections.  Geoffrey is small boned and thin although his diet is now [...]

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Thoughts on the Morgentaler trial

      In shock and dismay I heard the announcement on the radio on that Thursday morning: “Not guilty – acquitted.”  First: Unbelief “God, how can this happen?  How did you let it happen?  We prayed so much and were so sure You heard us.”  I personally was very hopeful as I left the courtroom the day before!  There was also [...]

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Stop the world, I want to get off.

        Oh boy!  Dull moments around here are about as plentiful as white blackbirds.   I returned from Europe to find The Interim office bussing with questions, counter-questions and speculations regarding the morality of using vaccine extracted from an aborted baby to inoculate school children against Rubella.   According to reports, the vaccine being used in Canada was extracted [...]

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Informed Dissent

      Conversations concerning the rubella vaccine and fetal experimentation in general have jammed our telephone during the last month.  I have heard such statements as, “let’s drop this: it’s not an issue we can win,” “there’s nothing wrong with this vaccine,” “good can come from evil,” and so on.  Most opinions are strongly-held.  This had touched a number of nerves. [...]

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