Book Review: Dr. Bernard Nathanson, The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality

In the prologue to this book, there is a moving tribute to Sir William Liley, who, Nathanson says, recognized the irreconcilable opposition between fetology and the abortion ethic before anyone else. He quotes a comment by Liley concerning the bitter irony of recent events. Our generation, Liley said, is the first ever to have a reasonably complete picture of the development of [...]

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Has done much good

Why pro-life criticizes feminists Sabina McLuhan Feminism, as currently interpreted, is the latest “sacred cow.” Those who comment critically on any aspect of the ideology run the risk of being labelled “anti-feminist,” “ultra-traditional,” “pro-natalist,” or just plain “anti-woman.” At the risk of irritating former reader George Bartoszewicz even more (see Letter to the Editor page), I would suggest that the current feminist [...]

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Pro-life commentary: Kevin: a special child

(From an article by Eleanor Nelson, M.M. Report, Feb. 1984) Kevin said his first word at seven months. He is now crawling and he sits up by himself. That’s not unusual for a child who has just celebrated his first birthday. But Kevin is a special child. He attracted national attention shortly after he was born. He was born with Spina Bifida, [...]

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On the rock of ages

While the Pope was traveling in Western Europe, I was traveling in Western Canada – the security was not quite as tight! I was moving even faster than the Holy Father so I could follow his ”progress” in different local newspapers. The style of reporting was, of course, a little varied but there was a common denominator – the use of such [...]

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Test-tube births

Brussels: Visiting Belgium in May, pope John Paul II condemned artificial techniques to create life and warned such tampering could lead to ”fatal aberrations.” The Toronto Sun (May 21) reported that the Pope’s remarks came in a speech to the 10-nation European Community in which he also said Europe was in moral and spiritual decline. “The wonderful act of transmitting life is [...]

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Ban on contraceptives abortion “For all time,” Pope tells Dutch

Newspapers across Canada reported Pope John Paul’s firm rejection of demands to relax Church rules on sexual morality on his visit to the Netherlands. Speaking to students at Amersfoort, Holland, on May 14, he asked students: “Would it be realistic to imagine a Jesus who is indulgent on marital love, abortion, sexual relations before or outside marriage or homosexual relations?” He added: [...]

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DPT vaccine causes concern

The Canadian medical establishment has consistently told parents that benefits of immunization far outweigh any risks that may be associated with vaccination. But a growing number of parents are concerned with the possible side effects from vaccines. More and more cases of disabled children are getting publicity now, especially when the parents of these children are seeking compensation from the government for [...]

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Sterilization and the mentally retarded

Involuntary sterilization of the mentally retarded is stirring bitter controversy and resentment among mentally handicapped people. The recent sterilization of “Infant K,” a ten-year-old mentally handicapped British Columbia girl, appalled the Canadian Association for the Mentally Retarded. In an effort to protect the mentally handicapped and their right to have children, the association has gone to the Supreme Court of Canada. The [...]

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Single women having babies in record numbers

Statistics Canada shows that almost 53 000 babies were born in 1983 to single women, compared to 38 600 in 1979 and 17 700 in 1974. The “single woman” category does not include separated or divorced women, only those who have never been married or those whose baby is from a common-law relationship. The federal data reflects the incidence of teen-age pregnancies [...]

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Delivering babies becoming less popular

Delegates at the Ontario Medical Association’s annual meeting discussed the problem of declining interest among doctors for delivering babies. The number of family doctors willing to deliver babies is steadily declining in Canada, a trend worrisome to the medical profession and the public alike. According to the Toronto Star (May 27) a report by the prenatal committee, chaired by Dr. John Milligan [...]

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A report on the United Church’s stand on abortion

As Christians we wish to affirm: As sanctity of life, born or unborn. This life is much more than physical existence. We also affirm that: The taking of life is evil. Our concern must not be limited to a concern for the unborn but it must also include a concern for the quality of life as a whole. Life in this imperfect [...]

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Taking a new approach to teenage pregnancy

It is reported that about 1000 teenagers a week become pregnant in Canada-or, over 50 000 a year. Of these about 45 per cent have abortions and 10 per cent give their children up for adoption. Of the 65 000 legal abortions obtained in Canada each year 30 per cent  (or about 20 000) are performed on women under 20 years of [...]

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Natural family planning: why and what

Natural Family Planning is not simply “a better form of birth control.” Behind NFP lies an integral vision of the human person. Behind contraception lies the fragmented vision of the contraceptive mentality. The two are worlds apart. As Pope John Paul II noted in his brilliant document on the family: The difference, both anthropological and moral, between contraception and recourse to the [...]

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Choose Life Canada opens counseling centre beside Morgentaler abortuary

The national headquarters of Choose Life Canada opened on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16 at 87 Harbord Street in Toronto, directly adjacent to Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic. Founder Ken Campbell, evangelist, and member of his Emmanuel Baptist Church in Milton, Ontario, along with 500 or more well wishers and friends (throughout the day), held a six pm prayer and dedication service on [...]

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