Silent Vigil

National Week for Life, May 10-17 Alliance for Life, Campaign Life and Coalition for Life, have designated May 10 through 17 as National Week for Life. The reason for this week is to pray for wisdom, strength, and unity within the pro-life movement, and to encourage the participation of all Canadians in promoting the right to life, especially pastors and other religious [...]

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Survey finds political shift to pro-life

The first-ever national survey of pro-family supporters has found, not surprisingly, that those who subscribe to the pro-life ethic place a high priority on religion; are well educated and politically active. The survey, conducted by York University sociologist Lorna Erwin as part of her Ph.D. project, complements an earlier series of in-depth interviews she conducted with leaders in the pro-life, pro-family movements. [...]

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Choice for Ontario voters

A bit of a levity occurred when a reporter of the press conference to announce the official formation of the Family Coalition Party recently, mistook Donald C. MacDonald (a former leader of the Ontario New Democratic party and now the Chairman of the Commission on Election Finances) as a candidate for the new party 11,000 signatures Mr. MacDonald was sitting beside Don [...]

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Newsflash: Policeman refuses abortuary duty

Scuttle-butt from the Harbord Street abortuary says that a Metro Toronto policeman is facing a disciplinary tribunal for refusing an assignment to protect the abotuary. The police officer is charged with disobeying a “lawful order” an thus committing a “major offence” against the Police Act of Ontario. His defence is that he does not think guard duty at the abortuary is a [...]

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Teen jailed for picketing

A fourteen-year-old boy who frequently pickets outside the Morgentaler abortuary in Toronto was recently held in custody overnight by Toronto police. The youth was arrested March 26, for allegedly coming too close to the Morgantaler aborturary. The charge is that he violated restrictions placed on him some three weeks earlier by a Family Court Judge. At that time Robbie, (his real identity [...]

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