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Eclipse of Reason: Stunning new film technology

I was lucky enough to attend the Canadian premiere of Dr.Bernard Nathanson’s Eclipse of Reason, hosted in Ottawa by Alliance for Life in April. I had accepted the invitation with some misgivings. Not only am I a fan of his earlier Silent Scream (the tone of which put me off and I found the ultrasound images difficult to interpret), but I had [...]

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MAMA of Cell Block 17

To thousands of inmates of cell block 17, the women’s section of Oswiecim-Brzezkinka (Auschwitz-Birkeneau) for the sick and mothers-to-be, she was known simply as “Mama. Many, however, in this place of hate and lonely misery referred to her as the Angel of Mercy. A midwife by profession, she spent two of her thirty-eight years in that capacity at the concentration camp. In [...]

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Is the traditional family worth defending?

If “yes” is your response to this question, you’ll want to take the time to attend a special Conference on Family issues and Values being help at London Ontario’s City Centre Holiday Inn, Saturday May 23, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The traditional family is under attack as never before. Advocates of “homosexual rights,” increasingly explicit pornography and social attitudes which [...]

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Commentary: Parents must teach sex education

I am an evangelical Christian, a Pastor, a husband and a father. As an evangelical Pastor, I feel deeply responsible to share the wisdom of the Scriptures, and to faithfully apply these Biblical truths to my life. As a father, I am concerned about the growth and spiritual development of my children. I hope to instill in them the morality and ethics [...]

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NEWFOUNDLAND: Censorship at the CBC

In mid-March Drs. Robert Walley, and Robert Quigley, both members of the Board of Directors for the Right to Life Association Newfoundland, filed a complaint to CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) against the CBC, for what they claim to be censorship. The association accused the CBC of “consistent, blatant partiality” and denial of access to its facilities. The Right to Life [...]

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Quebec: Fighting on in Montreal

Ex-boxer Reggie Chartrand is still a fighter! President of Foundation Combat pour La Vie, a Quebec pro-life organization, he now fighting for the pro-life cause. In the past two years his efforts to bring Henry Morgentaler to justice have ended in frustration. But this February Mr. Chartrand was at last able to lay seven complaints, through the Quebec ombudsman, against Morgentaler – [...]

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No condoms in Hamilton schools

Bishop Anthony Tonnos of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hamilton had rejected the idea that teaching students how to use condoms is an acceptable way to prevent the spread of AIDS. In a firmly-worded pastoral letter, Bishop Tonnos stresses Catholic teaching on “faithful and permanent” marriage, rejects extra-marital sexual activity and affirms chastity as a positive and viable virtue. “We believe that [...]

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Women’s centre loses funding

Thunder Bay City Council has voted to end its financial support for an abortion referral centre in the city, following an intense lobbying effort by Campaign Life Thunder Bay. For several years, City Council has made an operational grant to the northwestern Women’s Centre. Last year’s grant was for $20,000 and in previous years, the annual grant was as high as $24,000. [...]

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Ontario: Campaign Life: election strategy and issues

During the weekend of April 3 to 5, Campaign Life workers from across Ontario met in Niagara Falls for their 1987 Annual General Meeting. Among the 90 delegates were representatives from areas as far as Thunder Bay and Cornwall, and North Bay and Windsor. A number of all those present were wearing two hats for they also represented such groups as Physicians [...]

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Sex and Love – John McGoey

In a world super-saturated with sexual suggestions, innuendo and invitation, the message delivered by Father John McGoey, author and family life educator, cannot be heard too often. Nor is it sufficient simply to hear his message: it must be understood, put into practice and communicated to others, specially our young people. On March 26, Father McGoey addressed more than 250 people at [...]

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“You are making a difference”

“Western society is at a crossroads: the crossroads of civilization, and a technological scientism in which people may be produced in glass tubes. It is a time of family versus the State; the individual versus big business and is about; the helpless versus the powerful; the right of choice. It is a ‘crucial state’ history and you, [the pro-life movement] are making [...]

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Saskatchewan: Saskatoon respects life

Saskatoon City Council is commended for proclaiming March 2-8, 1987 as Respect For Life Wee. It’s one more reason why Saskatoon can justly be called Saskatoon the Beautiful. Sponsored by Alliance for Life Saskatoon, the annual Respect For Life week-long activities were kicked off by a talk given by Prof. Ernie McCullough, philosopher and professor of philosophy for the past 19 years [...]

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Across Canada: Alberta: Colodny’s cold welcome

Nikki Colodny received a cold welcome in Edmonton on April 11, when she addressed a public forum sponsored by the Abortion Caucus of the Alberta Status of Women and other feminist groups. Colondy was in Edmonton attempting to set up an illegal abortuary along the lines of the Toronto clinics. Since extra billing was banned in Alberta in November 1986, many doctors [...]

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Thanks Mom!

The month of May has traditionally been a special month for the pro-life movement. Special events are planned across the country for Mother’s Day; May 14 is remembered with sadness as the day 1969 when the abortion law was changed; and, for Roman Catholics, the month of May is marked by special devotion, to Mary, the mother of Christ. This May, let [...]

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The Editorial: It’s party time

It should have hit the headlines: over 11,000 Ontario voters so jaded with the position of all three provincial parties that they put their signatures on a form seeking registration of a new political party. The fact that the media as a whole ignored the ceremonial handing over of the thousands of forms to the electoral office speaks volumes. An old newspaper [...]

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