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New Catholic sex ed program causing concern

Concern is growing among Catholic parents across Ontario over a new Family Life Education program proposed for separate schools. Distressed over incidents occurring when the French Language program was piloted in the North Bay area, approximately 20 area parents have said that they will withdraw their 32 children from the separate school system if the program is not drastically revised before implementation [...]

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Pro-life message to be aired on prime time TV

Alliance for Life is in the midst of planning stages to launch a nationwide television  broadcast which will bring the pro-life message into the homes of all Canadians. The event, in telethon format, is scheduled to air on prime time national television October 5 through 11. The telethon will emphasize the theme of coping and carrying a baby to term. Testimonials and [...]

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Respect for Life Week

While many Canadians were celebrating Mother’s Day on May 10, many others were preparing for a weeklong schedule of events paying tribute to LIFE: Respect for Life. From May 10 through 17, the three national pro-life organizations-Alliance for Life, Coalition for Life and Campaign Life-launched a nationwide protest against abortion, which became available on demand with the 1969 changes in the criminal [...]

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David Packer: a cop with a conscience

Police Constable David Packer can keep a secret. His wife, Anne, didn’t find out for six months that her husband was a hero. He had been cited for bravery by the Metropolitan Toronto Police Department for saving a three-month old infant from a fire in a building on Spencer Avenue. The child’s deaf-mute mother had put her arms together and made a [...]

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MPs vote on Mitges’ motion

On June 2, a majority of federal MPs voted against a private member’s motion, introduced by MP Gus Mitges, seeking to amend the Charter of Rights to give protection to the unborn child. The 89 to 62 vote, which was recorded showed that 41 per cent of the MPs present in the House of Commons for the vote favored amending the Charter [...]

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