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Do good things happen to pro-lifers?

Do good things happen to pro-lifers?  Yes, they do, all the time, quietly, behind the scenes – like rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds. The harshest blows strike pro-lifers publicly – and yet blessings abound privately.  For instance, the disastrous Supreme Court of Canada decision last January was probably the worst blow ever.  To understand what happened to pro-lifers – on [...]

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“Living Will” in Nova Scotia

The flood of abortion related news that followed the Supreme Court decision of January 28, 1988, left little space for in-depth reporting on other news items. In the spring of this year the Nova Scotia legislature passed in third reading The Medical Consent Act.  The following analysis is by Mr. Del Atwood, a Halifax lawyer and member of Nova Scotians United of [...]

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Quebec Evangelist claims innocence Popular lay preacher Pierre Lacroix, married and the father of four children, was charged on Wednesday, September 23, with six counts of gross indecency and one count of attempted sodomy involving teen-age boys.  Mr. Lacroix’s daily, six afternoons a week, 15 minute TV show was cancelled immediately. Only on the Saturday before, September 17, the 40-year-old Mr. Lacroix [...]

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Remarkable People

Murphy’s Law is this, “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.”  I sometimes think I must be related to Murphy – but not always!  On the weekend of September 17-18, things went right.  I was already committed to preaching on the Missions at Canadian Martyr’s Church in Ottawa and had booked my passage on the train. Then a few day [...]

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Mother Teresa pays surprise visit to Ottawa pro-lifer

Frank Mountain never even expected to meet Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and being the subject of her special attention was the furthest thing form his mind when the tiny nun entered his Ottawa hospital room on September 16. Although she makes a point of not visiting hospitals or nursing homes, Mother Teresa made an exception for Frank when she heard of his [...]

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A dream come true

Members of Parliament struggle daily to untangle the problems and catastrophes that various bureaucracies have inflicted upon their constituents.  In between times they try to ensure that legislation in Canada is unfolding as it should.  Only rarely do they have the chance to make life’s dreams come true. But, less than 24 hours before Mother Teresa’s visit to Parliament Hill as a [...]

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National Rally For Life 1988

As estimated 15 to 30,000 Canadians endured cool, drizzly weather in Ottawa September 17 to hear religious leaders, evangelists and the leaders of the pro-life movement denounce a government and a nation that permits the killing of its youngest and most defenseless citizens. Of the 35 speakers who addressed the day-long rally, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was the star attraction.  The 78-year-old [...]

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Family Life Erodes

Recent years have seen a rapidly escalating erosion in family life in North America.  Professor Lee Salk of Cornell University Medical College and President of the American Psychological Association’s division of child and youth services has stated:  “Society is finding more and more ways of separating children from their families…We are expending more and more money outside the home on child care [...]

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Seamless Garment Ironed Out

For years pro-life Roman Catholics in the United States and Canada have been accused of caring only about abortion.  Beginning in the mid to late sixties, some people began to argue that housing, taxes, immigration, Guatemala, El Salvador and South Africa, and other economic-political issues were as important, if not more so, than contraception, divorce, abortion, homosexuality or extra-marital sex. In the [...]

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Fiery words at Rally

“There is no greater contribution to be made for world peace than to seek a Canada which is an abortion-free zone,” cried Rev. Ken Campbell, President of Choose Life Canada, before a crowd of close to 1,000 people gathered for the Rally for Life at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square on Thursday evening, September 8. Lifeline relay Campbell welcomed some 30 relay walkers, [...]

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